Whether you are planning a local, regional, or national campaign, Genesis Marketing brings a wealth of experience to the day-to-day management of your marketing and advertising.

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Genesis Marketing has years of experience in research, negotiation, and analysis, enabling us to secure not only the best rate values and placement for our clients, but also a variety of other perks and benefits. Our media professionals actively negotiate the full range of media services. We know and understand the complexities of print, TV, radio, billboard, bus board and other delivery systems. We work with our clients to determine what opportunities, to maximize exposure, are best suited to their needs and interest.

Media planning is a dynamic process that is best managed as an ongoing process. Collecting data in the course of performing the stated tasks helps prepare for future planning. Genesis Marketing requests rating information from media outlets that fit the goals of the client.

While the client makes the ultimate determination on media options, Genesis Marketing’s professionals will help them make informed decisions. Once the client’s overall plan and objectives are known, a process of research and charting of the various qualitative and quantitative advertising options, opportunities and strategies for each market area begins. We will then provide significant details on the best media strategies to reach the targeted objectives.


Genesis Marketing audits every invoice against the signed insertion order/traffic instructions that are returned by every media representative. If spots were missed and not made correctly, traffic instructions not followed, or rating points not achieved, the invoice is discounted accordingly. Our clients do not pay for spots that run incorrectly.

Genesis Marketing requires all invoices in our office by the 5th of each month, so that they can be auditing for accuracy and delivered to our client by the 10th of each month.


In addition to effectively buying media, Genesis Marketing prides itself in creating innovative and imaginative ways to identify and promote its client’s product and/or services. This may be accomplished by creating a memorable slogan, an impressive musical identification (jingle) or an entirely new advertising concept.

Genesis Marketing’s reputation of providing successful marketing and advertising services has resulted in many business referrals, accounting for our phenomenal growth. Our client list goes from A to Z. Automotive Sales and Service, Recreation and Entertainment, Home Furnishings and Repair, Food, Fun and Fitness and Building Supply. No account is too large or too small, Genesis Marketing services them all.